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Ladies Ride: Every Monday at 6:30 PM

Hey Ladies!

Join our inclusive and exhilarating Ladies' Ride where every cyclist is celebrated, regardless of skill level or experience. This ride is all about friendship, exploration, and the sheer joy of pedalling through different trails each week.

What to Expect:

  • All Are Welcome: Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned rider, all ladies are invited to join us for a spin on the trails. No matter your speed, we've got a place for you!
  • No-Drop Policy: We ride together and support one another. No one gets left behind! Our mantra is simple: we wait, encourage, and ride as a team.
  • Group Skill Levels: We split into skill groups to ensure everyone feels comfortable and challenged at their own pace. From cruisers to trailblazers, there's a group that suits your style.
  • Changing Scenery: Each week, we explore a new trail, discovering different landscapes and terrains. Adventure awaits around every bend!
  • Fun and Social Atmosphere: Our rides aren’t just about pedaling; they're about building connections and having a blast. Expect laughter, shared stories, and friendships in the making.
  • Bring a Friend: Spread the joy! Bring along a buddy to share the thrill of riding and meeting new people.

Seeking Leaders:

Passionate about cycling and fostering an inclusive community? We're on the lookout for ride leaders who share our enthusiasm for empowering women on wheels. If you're interested in leading a group or want to contribute your skills, reach out! Let's grow this vibrant community together.

How to Join:

Join us for an empowering and enjoyable ride every Monday at 6:30pm at a different location (Posted on Facebook). Simply bring your bike, a helmet, lights (this time of year), and your enthusiasm! New faces are always welcome, and we can't wait to greet both old friends and fresh companions.

Come pedal with us and discover the joy of riding together! "Ladies' Ride Adventures" isn't just about the journey; it's about the fantastic company we keep along the way.

See you on the trails, ladies!

Gear for the Ladies!